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CORAL 300 LED+ version
CORAL 300 LED+ version
CORAL 300 LED+ version
CORAL 300 LED+ version
CORAL 300 LED+ version
CORAL 300 LED+ version
CORAL 300 LED+ version
CORAL 300 LED+ version
CORAL 300 LED+ version
CORAL 300 LED+ version
CORAL 300 LED+ version
CORAL 300 LED+ version
CORAL 300 LED+ version
CORAL 300 LED+ version
CORAL 300 LED+ version
CORAL 300 LED+ version
CORAL 300 LED+ version
CORAL 300 LED+ version
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Anthracite (RAL 7016)
White (RAL 9016)
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Elegance meets functionality: the bioclimatic pergola Coral 300

A masterpiece of design and engineering

Discover the Coral 300, our exclusive bioclimatic pergola, which not only impresses with its elegance, but also with its outstanding functionality. Enjoy year-round protection and comfort, no matter the weather - 100% rainproof and equipped with an invisible, integrated water drainage system.

Choose your style

Available in the elegant colors anthracite RAL7016 and white RAL9016, the Coral 300 blends seamlessly into any environment. Their powder-coated aluminum structures not only offer impressive resistance to corrosion, but are also completely maintenance-free.

Technical superiority

  • Adjustable slats: Thanks to electrically adjustable slats that can be moved at an angle of 0-90 degrees, you can regulate the sunlight as you wish.
  • Integrated LED lighting: Create an inviting atmosphere at any time of the day.
  • Robust in any climate: With a snow load capacity of 150 kg/m² and wind load resistance up to 11/12 Beaufort, the Coral 300 stands for stability and reliability.
  • Easy installation and handling: Installation is uncomplicated and it is conveniently controlled via remote control.
  • Aesthetics and functionality combined

The Coral 300 gives any outdoor area a timeless elegance. Their robust external posts (12 cm x 12 cm) guarantee a strong and durable structure. In addition, the well thought-out design ensures that only a 220V household socket is required for the lighting and the slat drive, with all cables being routed discreetly through the columns.

Your outdoor retreat

Make the Coral 300 an extension of your living space - a place where design and nature are in perfect harmony. Choose quality, choose INODEQ.



Benefit from a very easy installation with our well thought-out step-by-step assembly instructions, setting up your INODEQ product will be a pleasure. Clear instructions and supporting images take you by the hand and guide you seamlessly through each assembly step. Enjoy the satisfaction of installing your quality INODEQ product yourself, effortlessly.

At INODEQ, we attach great importance to ensuring that our customers are as satisfied as possible with our INODEQ products. Please note the following points to ensure you have the best possible experience:

Our INODEQ products have been specially developed for self-assembly. However, we also offer an installation service. If you need support, the INODEQ assembly service is available throughout Germany!

INODEQ assumes no responsibility for the installation of our products. It is your responsibility to ensure that the products can be assembled correctly before purchasing.

As a customer, you are responsible for selecting the appropriate mounting material (such as dowels, screws, bolts, etc. for attachment to walls and floors) according to local conditions.

The specified wind load of our products is based on assembly with concrete point foundations (85x85x85cm) using expansion anchors. Please note that the wind load may be lower if the installation is different.

Own assembly service:

Choose INODEQ and enjoy the incomparable advantage of our Germany-wide INODEQ construction team, which is available to you upon request after your order. Our expertise and commitment guarantee you not only a first-class, professional installation, but also a process that is completely free of stress and complications.

Assembly: Follow the included instructions to assemble your product.

Enjoy your new INODEQ product and the quality it brings!


Professional expertise :

Our INODEQ construction team consists of experienced specialists who are focused on assembling our specialized products. With their comprehensive specialist knowledge and many years of experience, they ensure installation that guarantees the safety, stability and longevity of your system.


All-round worry-free service :

From the initial planning to the final implementation – our service covers everything. We take care of the entire organization, from the foundations to the procurement of the necessary assembly materials, and ensure professional assembly. Our goal is to provide you with a worry-free and satisfactory result.

Security and stability:

For INODEQ, the security and stability of your installation are our top priority. Our construction and assembly techniques are specifically designed to install your system safely and permanently.

Individual adjustment:

We know that every project has its own requirements. That's why we work closely with you to understand your specific wants and needs. Our team specializes in developing bespoke solutions tailored to your exact requirements.

Free advice and ongoing support:

We offer a free initial consultation and remain your contact even after installation. Our goal is long-term customer satisfaction and an assembly process that runs as smoothly and pleasantly as possible.

With INODEQ you are choosing a partner who focuses on quality, safety and customer satisfaction. Our construction team, which operates throughout Germany, is your guarantee for the professional implementation of your projects - from planning to perfect implementation.

Delivery and delivery dates:

At INODEQ, we attach great importance to ensuring that your order reaches you efficiently and in an environmentally conscious manner. Please note the following information about our delivery conditions:

Adjustment of delivery dates:

The delivery date of your order is based on the item with the longest delivery time in your shopping cart. We strive to minimize transport routes and CO2 emissions by shipping your order in full as soon as all products are available. LEDs and heat lamps are excluded from this.

Display of delivery dates:

You can see the current delivery dates on our product page. These are displayed directly next to the price as soon as you select a product variant. We always keep some variants in stock, while others are on the way to us.

Details about delivery dates:

For precise delivery information, please visit the product page of the desired variant.

Delivery free of charge:

We are pleased to offer our customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland free shipping for orders over 1000 EUR/CHF. We ask that you be on site for delivery and help with unloading.


Storage before assembly:

If you want to store your INODEQ pergola or winter garden before building it, you can stack all the packages to save space.


Your path to an INODEQ product:

Product selection:

Choose and order your desired product from INODEQ!

Coordinate delivery date:

Contact our logistics partner to arrange a delivery date. Please mention if trucks or larger vehicles cannot get to your address to find alternative solutions.


Delivery on the agreed date:

Make sure you or another qualified person is available to assist in unloading the goods. Our products are delivered in multiple packages that can usually be carried by two people. Please note: Individual packages of 4x6m pergolas or winter gardens can weigh up to 100kg.

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